What to do in and around Miraflores Miraflores Sierra de Guadarrama Sierra de Guadarrama In and around the mountains of Madrid Church tower Miraflores Sierra de Guadarrama Main Square Miraflores Sierra de Guadarrama Sierra de Guadarrama © Copyright “name”, 2010. All Rights Reserved Created by Stephen Fernandez Osmunda Consulting    Made with Xara Web Designer Walk from Miraflores de la Sierra to Bustarviejo via Navalfuente An easy route of about 13k that should take around 3 hours.  Best time to do it is in the Spring when the wild flowers are out. Walk from La Baranca to La Maliciosa Medium difficult to hard 5/6 hours.  This is a climb up arguably the most attractive mountain in the Sierra de Guadarrama.  Ascent should take 2:30 - 3 hours.
Fuente del Cura - Cuerda Larga La Najarra & Morcuera Medium Difficult walk of about 6 hours (depending on route) with views of La Pedriza and Peñalara.  With the chance to see wild Ibex Circular route from Miraflores towards Navalafuente An easy work of about 3 hours (also suitable for mountain bikes) Wonderful wild flowers in the spring