The Sierra Guadarrama is superb place for all sorts of activities ideal especially for walking and climbing, it is also very popular with cyclists of both the road and mountain bike brigades.  For a few months of the year there is skiing in the Sierra (depending a bit on the weather).  Water sports are catered for at El Atazar  a huge reservoir that serves Madrid. How to use this guide Whilst every care has been taken to make sure this guide is accurate and that details of any routes or suggested itineraries, timings distances etc. are correct.  By there very nature these can only be approximate, timings for example will depend on fitness, weather, track conditions, rate of climb, even how many photos you take.  As a guide I walk at approximately 4-5 kilometres an hour. We have tried to indicate where a route is obviously suitable for a mountain bike with the symbol. However as with walking this is dependent on the skill of the rider.  Many other routes may be possible by bike depending on ability. Walking in the mountains The Sierra de Guadarrama is a fairly high mountain range with many of the mountains over 2000 metres, as with any mountainous area the weather can change very quickly and there can be a marked difference between the weather conditions on the tops and that lower down in the towns and villages.  For about 5 months of the year you are likely to find the mountain tops snow capped.  It is incumbent on the walker to make sure that they have the right equipment, experience and fitness for the conditions.   Although in the summer months the temperature here in the Sierra is generally much more comfortable than in Madrid (which is why many Madrilleños have summer homes here).  It can still get very hot, it is not unknown for all the streams to dry up and in any case on the mountain tops there is no water.  So please make sure you take sufficient. Wild camping is not permited in the Sierra and the lighting of fires is especially dangerous and prohibited. Skiing Depending on the weather generally (December - February) skiing can be available around Madrid at Valdesquí and at Navercerrada .  Whilst not really in the Sierra de Guadarrama there is also  skiing at La Pinilla north of Madrid Valdesquí has about 18k of runs and Navacerrada has 10.  Whilst there are runs of different levels of difficulty none are very difficult. Fishing Throughout the Sierra de Guadarrama there are many reservoirs mainly supply Madrid which are very popular with the local anglers.  Permits are available locally, there are generally two types of permit “catch and release” (sin muerte) or ones that allow a specific number of catch and take.  More information on permits and fishing can be found here posing in the Sierra de Guadarrama thanks to N Chapman Paddling in the sierra de Guadarrama thanks to N Chapman Activities La Cabrera Sierra de Guadarrama Two cosy storks Sierra de Guadarrama thanks to Steve F La Najarra Sierra de Guadarrama Sierra de Guadarrama In and around the mountains of Madrid Sierra de Guadarrama © Copyright “name”, 2010. All Rights Reserved Created by Stephen Fernandez Osmunda Consulting    Made with Xara Web Designer General Information